In 2000, dead prez stormed into our collective psyche with "Hip Hop," the rebel rousing single from its debut album, Let's Get Free. The album, much like the song, took an unrelenting Pan-African stance against police brutality, shady politicians, and racism. It served as a searing introduction for the candid rap duo.

In this Complex premiere for "No Way As The Way," dead prez harbors the same insightful approach, but the message is easier to digest. Here, M1 and use a breezy piano rhythm to question the benefits of religion and the perils of urban blight. The video, directed by Danny Hastings, shows the practices of various religious sects. In the end, this is a kinder dead prez, yet the honesty is still there. told us the following about the track:

"The song 'No Way As The Way,' that title comes from my martial arts practices. Jeet Kune Do is one of the arts that I've had the chance to practice. Jeet Kune Do was created by Bruce Lee. It's an approach to martial arts that says that having no way as the way, is the way. To make it simple: not being locked into any particular way as the only way to get something done, in terms of your fighting.

That spills over into the philosophy of life in terms of having no set way, no rigid position that you're trying to hold, but being adaptable and fluid and flowing. Long story short, that martial arts practice has inspired my thinking a lot. When we decided to write a song on Information Age about spirituality and religion, it was so fitting."

You can watch the video above. dead prez's new album, Information Age, is out now on Krian Music Group.