Winner: Serius Jones
Year: 2010

The matchup between Serius Jones and Murda Mook remains fairly controversial over two years later-there's no clear-cut winner, evenly-matched as they are. To be honest, this isn't even a showcase of two rappers at their best; what's more fascinating is watching as Serius and Mook finish each other's lines and disrespect one another's time. It gets to a point where Serius goes off the dome and says, "Stop repeating my rhymes, take my dick out yo' mouth." (Serius is famed for freestyling, responding to barbs in real-time, as opposed to most battle rappers who write their attacks beforehand.)

That's not to say that Serius Jones didn't come prepared: in opening, he goes straight up 8 Mile and says of Murda Mook, "Your government name is Johnathan Ancrum/He went to Fordham Prep Catholic, that's a private school." Battle rappers: if you had any sort of privilege growing up or came from a good home, just stay in bed. However, Mook, for his part, brought half of Harlem to back him up, which makes for an entertaining end. That closing "dot" meme will show up in fights forevermore.