Winner: Hollow Da Don
Year: 2010

Big T, who, by the looks of it, lives up to his name, comes out first with heavy hands and tough talk. He claims his opponent, Hollow Da Don, talks big game but can't live up to it. Near the end of his first verse, he says, "Sound like somebody was playing too much Street Fighter." It's his strongest line, which Hollow quickly throws aside upon being given the chance: "I was playing Street Fighter all night long/For four hours and never picked Balrog," pointing at the monstrosity to his left.

Hollow gives Big T "everything from battered intestines to bladder infections." The giant out of Chicago tries to look disaffected, though his hazy gaze ends up looking worried. The top YouTube comment says, "Big T probably still has nightmares about this battle." Yup, it's thorough.