Better Than Original?: Toss-up

From a baby-making soothing and sultry call for a lead lady to a ride-or-die anthem, Diddy had two chart-topping hits with "I Need A Girl" and "I Need A Girl (Part Two)" which was a rarity at the time. But where part one conveys Diddy's plea to find himself a wifey, part two takes a playful beat that really allows the kingpin of Bad Boy to voice exactly what he wants in a lady. With Mario Winans on the chorus, Diddy plays off an earlier lyric he used on "Victory" with "The sun don't shine forever/But as long as it's here, then we might as well shine together" that truly shows just how mature he's become. While there was a time that Diddy played up to his bad boy ways, Part Two is a desperate plea for the perfect woman. He's found that in Cassie, whose latest hit "The Boys" talks about her man getting high and fucking other girls-what goes around comes around, we suppose.