Song: "Niggas In Paris" (2011)
Album: Watch The Throne

The master of the double entendre, Jigga just couldn't resist making a line that used balling/balling, which is really a triple-entendre, if you want to go there. The fine he's referring to is when had to pony up $50,000 for visiting the Kentucky Wildcats locker room which—as a part-owner of an NBA team, the Brooklyn Nets—he's barred from doing. But for Jay, it's all gravy. Not only can he easily afford the fine, but he's probably chilling somewhere in the South of France (he doesn't have five passports for nothing), so good luck reaching him. And not for nothing, NBA Commish David Stern, but Jay-Z would go on to perform these opening lines many, many times after he recorded them, which is to say nothing of how many times he's performed them during the same concert.