We let you guys know early on that Baauer was one to watch this year, and we figured his track "HIGHER" with Just Blaze (and their current tour) and that Vegas check was enough to vindicate that. We obviously didn't read the tea leaves, as the "Harlem Shake" meme caught fire this week. If you're not up on the meme, it goes a bit like this: set up a camera in a random location, and have someone dancing to the intro of Baauer's "Harlem Shake" (preferably with a mask on). Once the drop comes, with that "do the harlem shake" vocal, the scene then turns into mad people dancing... awkwardly. You'd think that'd be enough for one video, right? Wrong.

We've seen all kinds of costumes, a bunch of random locations, and a lot of, um, dancing (we're surprised someone hasn't done the actual Harlem Shake in any of these videos), and figured we should put you onto this craze, and share our favorite "Harlem Shake" videos. Yay, Internets!