Softest Lyric: "I hear the laughter; I taste the tears"

Richard Marx—hehe "Dick Marks"—spells it out clearly for us: You must make yourself available at all times for the person that just dumped you in case they come crawling back when they realize the mistake they made.

How do you do that? Hopefully, you're already their friend on FourSquare. You'll know every move they make. Next, subscribe to their tweets via SMS and turn on Facebook notifications so you always know what they're thinking and doing. Then quit your job so you can devote every microsecond to following their movements. Finally, tap their cell phone. This will put you at the best possible advantage to literally be right around the corner when the epiphany strikes.

If you're going to get them back you cannot have a life outside of lurking in their shadow. You must be committed. If you aren't willing to make a few sacrifices then maybe you were never in love to begin with? Pro Tip: It's not sad if you eat the tears!