Last Friday, the Yankee parade terrorized downtown NYC, and while it was fun (for Yankee fans) to see their favorite players move along The Canyon Of Heroes, rap fans were surprised to see Jay-Z and his right-hand-man Ty-Ty on A-Rod's float. Yup, Jay, Alex and Ty-Ty were like the new "Roc Boys," and A-Rod had no problem becoming the latest person to fall into the "I'm-standing-next-to-Jay-Z-so-I-want-to-look-cool-by-making-a-diamond-with-my-hands" category.

We shouldn't be too hard on A-Rod, though, there's been tons of awkward Rocafella Diamond sightings anytime there's a chance for a celebrity to get a photo-op with Hov. Don't believe us? Check out the random assortment of celebrities who felt the need to throw the Roc up like they were bulimic, then check the Jay-Z songs we associated them with. Diamonds up!

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