Dell Harris is chill as fuck.  We had a conversation six months ago that consisted of 10 minutes of business and an nearly an hour of just TALK.  About the music industry, its future, bass music, vibes we were into.  I met him in person a few months later in Philadelphia while Jason Ano was filming "Fiji".  It's fantastic when an artist is making quality material and isn't an asshole.  It's rare, and we appreciate it.

In ANY case.  Dell Harris might be known just as much for his work with AC Slater as he his for his solo ventures.  Every once in a while, tracks like "Ass Drop" come out and make us wonder why they don't just connect at the hip forever.  And "Stackhouse" is no different.  Sometimes hearing records that aren't quite made for a large club are what we are after, and this is how you make a chill record still sound TOUGH.