There’s yet another chapter today in Death Grips ongoing feud with Epic Records, Sony Music Entertainment and the record industry at large. As you may remember, Death Grips released No Love Deep Web for free before its official release, then Epic allegedly shut down the Death Grips website and then the band posted private emails from the label on their Facebook page. Because of all that (the unsavory NLDW album art probably didn’t help either), Epic dropped Death Grips from their roster.

Now, months later, there’s a new development as NLDW and its predecessor, The Money Store, disappear from YouTube. Both albums were previously streaming in their entirety on the Death Grips YouTube channel, but now all but the last two tracks of NLDW are missing. Now those videos simply display the error message above, claiming that a “copyright claim by SME” is to blame. MC Ride and friends have yet to respond.

[via Pitchfork]