Earlier today, Young Cedar and I were pondering the length of time it can take some artists to release the heat that's sitting in their studios in varying states of completion. Sometimes, it just makes no sense for these tracks to be sitting around - why are they not just releasing them, via iTunes, Bandcamp, or as free giveaways?

I say all of that to say, not 30 minutes later, Bro Safari posted "The Drop" to his SoundCloud, and wrote something that made me smile:

Whenever I write a new song, I always want to get it out for people to hear immediately. I'm directly inspired by the music that others are making and also by everything else happening around me, so it makes sense that when I write something new, I should let it be heard as quickly as possible… right? A product of its environment.

That's what I did here. I wrote this song over the last week and immediately thought to give it away on Soundcloud, as quickly as possible.

You've all been really good to me, so I'll keep doing this as often as possible without compromising the quality of the material that I'm giving away. I definitely don't want to just hand you guys "filler" tracks. Anyway, I have a lot of music in the pipeline, so there won't be any shortage of material from me in 2013.

So there you have it. The onus might be on the producers to get their tunes out there in an orderly fashion. We're not in a situation like drum & bass has been, where some dubs would collect dust for almost a year before release, but there's a difference between waiting for the right time and wasting time.

That said, let's rock to "The Drop" and then have more quality music drop (for free or a fee) on a more consistent basis.