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Chief Keef, who was taken into custody by the Chicago Police yesterday for a probation violation, appears to have had his Twitter account compromised. A series of tweets went out indicating that whoever is behind all this has a faulty agenda:

  1. The hacker doesn't care for previous Keef collaborator Soulja Boy, who was described as a "dick stealin' every1 flow."
  2. These hackers love Hopsin. The impostor said he's "got that real music." 
  3. The hacker wants Keef to "stop rappin about violence."
  4. The hacker gave up or was locked out of the account, as all the tweets stopped at around 5:20 p.m.

Fans of the Chicago upstart will recall that he claimed that his account was hacked sometime last year. This, however, looks like the real deal. You can view the tweets in question below.