JMSN: "Growing up I listened to Whitney Houston and Prince. In my teenage years I got into Fiona Apple, Radiohead and that kind of stuff. That drew me to the darker stuff. And then Whitney Houston, R. Kelly and stuff like that kept me in the realm of songs and songwriting. I feel like my music kind of blends those two together.

"Being from Detroit, Eminem was like god over there. And I was a big Dipset fan.

"Any genre, any kind of music, that didn't matter. I wanted to understand everything that I heard. It was this need to be like, what makes this good? I can feel certain aspects of it, but what are these other things that are foreign to me? I wanted to understand because music is my passion, it's my life. If I don't understand something that's going on I'm not just going to be like, "Well, I don't want to listen to it.'"