A few weeks back, the Internets was treated to a remix by a UK producer who goes by the name of Draft. We'd heard his name affiliated with Metalheadz for a quick cup of coffee, but not much in the time since. Imagine our surprise when a remix he's done of a now three-year-old Two Fingers track amasses thousands of plays, seemingly out of nowhere.

The story goes that Draft was itching to get his remix on, and hit up Two Fingers (the duo of Amon Tobin and Doubleclick), inquiring about any of their tracks that they might be interested in him reworking. Doubleclick's fondness for the track "Not Perfect" made that one an obvious choice, but finding the original parts was a bit difficult: while it dropped on the Two Fingers debut album in 2010, it was actually written back in 2006, and Two Fingers had to alter Sweet P's original chorus to fit the darker tune they'd written for it. Doubleclick actually called it more "pop," and it definitely has a bit of a Prince-esque vibe to it, in our opinion. Draft's idea was to transport the tune elsewhere, and he did so in spades. Amazingly, he did it all without Sway's verses, which we feels truly breathes new life into the restoration of Sweet P's chorus.

DAD jumped at the chance to a) tell the story and b) provide you with a free download of the track. Feast your ears on this:

If you're looking for more Two Fingers, grab their latest single, "Vengeance Rhythm," as well as their recent LP, Stunt Rhythms (which Amon Tobin is touring right now in support of - and yes, some of these dates have the ISAM 2.0 in full effect). Draft's Theendofthebeginning EP dropped in December, and you can grab it via iTunes.