Label: Def Jam, Columbia, CBS

With Radio producer Rick Rubin busy on other projects, Def Jam assigned West Coast production crew L.A. Posse to handle the beats for Todd's next LP. Presenting a more conventional, sample-based sound than LL's previous effort, it also contained two of his most well-known songs; the "Theme From S.W.A.T"-based "I'm Bad," and the track that forever altered the sound of rap music, "I Need Love."

Uncle L was a couple of years older and 10 times as arrogant, delivering some of the most self-assured Brag Rap songs of the decade: "I'm only 18, making more than your pops!" The rap world later turn against LL's constant narcissism and flamboyance during the reign of Public Enemy, but Bigger and Deffer is music for a kid from Queens with the whole world at his feet, and loving every minute of it.