Label: Young Money, Cash Money, Universal Republic

Drizzy took the time to refine his "emo player" persona following his debut. For this go-round, Drake meshed together arrogant declarations of superiority with confessions of vulnerability, straddling the fine line between suave ladies man and cocky asshole with the type of finesse not witnessed in rap since LL Cool J in his prime.

With better production, stronger features and more focused writing, this is the perfect soundtrack to drink away those "it's hard work being rich and famous" blues. Audrey reportedly wanted DJ Premier, Q-Tip, and The Neptunes to contribute beats to the project. In retrospect, it's best that they didn't, in terms of the flow of the record. The sublime "Over My Dead Body" sets the stage something lovely, a "fuck everybody" statement of intent over a melancholy musical backdrop.

By the time Take Care finishes with the upbeat YOLO-themed "The Motto" there's no doubt that Drake embodies everything that's good and bad about the new generation of rappers—call it narcissistic optimism, if you will—and, as a result, has produced the ideal soundtrack for the Twitter age.