Album: No Way Out
Producer: Sean Combs, Steven "Stevie J" Jordan of The Hitmen
Label: Bad Boy

The last song that Biggie ever recorded was this feature for Puff. Legend tells it that the final verse of the song was a "reference track" for Diddy to perform, but following his murder it was left as is.

Frank White announces himself as the "underboss of this holocaust," delivering immortal bars ("Real sick, brawl nights, I perform like Mike/Anyone—Tyson, Jordan, Jackson"), obscure EPMD references ("you overdid it, holmes" is a nod to "You Had Too Much Too Drink"), and even some self-depreciating humor ('Used to call me fatso/Now they call me Castro"), all delivered with his flawless, nickel-slick flow.

The video still stands as the most expensive rap video ever made ($2.7 million), but no special effects are needed to appreciate the King of New York making his final bow.