The worlds of dance music and hip-hop aren't as distant as one might think. Rap was a form of music that was born from the struggle, and you could argue that techno and house were birthed in cities that had experienced struggle. Most went to clubs to hear the freshest dance tracks, and you know how hip-hop does in the club. The worlds dig deeper, though, as Afrika Bambaata's sampling of Kraftwerk was part of the nucleus of hip-hop, and both styles of music have used similar production tools (the 808) and techniques to push their sounds forward.

The art of the remix has helped push rappers and producers and showcase their true creativity. It's not easy tweaking a song, especially when the goal is for it to work within a different genre, while maintaining what made the original so dope. For this look back at the art of the remix, we decided to dip into the most essential remixes, the ones that showcased the blending of both EDM and hip-hop, but most importantly, we kept our focus on official remixes. It's cool to drop a sick bootleg or unofficial remix of a track, but we wanted to see the ones that someone actually invested money into.