Why?: If it's true, it's a sad look at what artists will do to get their name out there.

In an article that rose the question about bought Facebook fans, Mixmag linked a picture showing a number of EDM artists’ pages with “Mexico City” as their “Most Popular City” in terms of fans, causing a huge debate on the possibility of DJs buying FB fans. We're living in a time where the number of plays on YouTube or followers you have on twitter can speak louder than how good your music is, so the idea of artists gaining an advantage by misrepresenting their social media pages as to indeed be larger than they are sounds like a sneaky scheme that makes sense.

Excision (one of the DJs in question) tried to defend himself, but just like Mixmag’s initial story, it felt like no one was really nailing their particular points down. Some believe that the management farmed out a grand Facebook-liking operatin and it finally caught up with them, but based on the words from some promoters, it sounds like Mexico City truly is a hotbed for EDM, parallel to what you might find in New York City.

There was never any real resolution to any of this, but hopefully some concrete data can be mined and released on this issue. Although like with any popular scene, there’s bound to be trickery and illegal tactics done to get ahead – although guys like Guetta, Aoki, Skrillex, and other more established acts are doing more than enough to truly warrant the need for false Facebook likes, right?