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Ah, the '90s. What a strange time in music. Among the flurry of unshowered grunge bands (Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails) and backwoods-festival-playing alternative rock groups (Counting Crows, Hootie and the Blowfish, Dave Matthews Band and The Wallflowers), were a few ladies with acoustic guitars and pianos and a closet full of bones to pick with the male of the species.

From Lisa Loeb, who's releasing her latest album, No Fairytale, today, to Alanis Morissette, female singer-songwriters came out with the message that girls rock too, girls don't need boys to rock, girls can do their own damn summer music extravaganza and name it Lilith Fair and boyfriends will have to go. And go they did, those '90s boyfriends.

Here are the 10 hottest female singer-songwriters of the '90s. And for the record, they didn't all play Lilith. Just seven out of 10—Lisa Loeb included.

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