Moombahton's been a sound we've featured a lot of the last few weeks; for a style that many thought was gone, we're seeing quite the resurgence! Last year, David Heartbreak and DJ Sabo released Moombahsoul Remixes Vol. 1 via Legitmix, which gained accolades from everyone, including MTV Hive. For the next installment, Heartbreak and Sabo set out to hold a contest, with winners getting their remixes released on Legitmix. The overwhelming response ended up pushing the release into two different volumes, with everyone from Cam'ron to The Weeknd getting the moombah treatment.

Featured in these volumes are the likes of Cousin Cole & DJ Reck, Yukicito, Jamrock, Jonny Chino, Kayjay, and others, giving you a great look at how flexible and vibrant the moombah sound can be with expert sounds crafted from the Motown sound right on through Hall & Oates. You can preview both releases below, and grab them via Legitmix today.