At DAD, we spend a lot of time highlighting how dance music interacts with other genres, especially hip-hop. One of the best examples of this is the Foreign Beggars crew from the UK.

Over the last 11 years, the Beggars have thrown many EDM styles into their repertoire, from grime and dubstep to drum & bass. They've bubbled for a bit, releasing four albums before putting out one of their biggest releases was the Noisia-produced "Contact." Support for this tune came in droves, and the crew started putting out tracks with Ministry of Sound and Never Say Die before linking up with Deadmau5's mau5trap label.

The mau5trap affiliation led to four singles and the release of their 2012 album, The Uprising, which featured a solid list of producers (Knife Party, Alix Perez, Salva, Starkey, and others) that helped bring the Foreign Beggars' most fully-realized project to live. The love for the project was felt on both coasts, and lead to the Beggars going on an extensive tour in the UK and North America.

During one of those US tour stops, we got a chance to chat with the Beggars (and Emalkay) about how the Internet plays into the rise of new sounds or genres, how they work their hip-hop background into their tracks, and what they feel the next phase of dance music is. Get to know how the FBs work, and check out the stellar show footage.

Shouts to DEFINATE Films for filming and editing this feature.