Kid Cudi "Creepers" (2012)

Where They Sound The Same: When Cudi sings "right here" on "Teleport 2 Me" and "for real" on "Creepers."

Over the years, Kid Cudi has proven that he's got no shortage ideas. Whether it's straightforward rapping, melodic rock, moody pop, or some combination of styles that only he could pull off, he's definitely one of the most eclectic artists in the world of current music. Still, when we heard his solo contribution to G.O.O.D. Music's Cruel Summer, we couldn't help but think that we've heard this before. Then it hit us when we revisited WZRD's "Teleport 2 Me." Cudi doesn't re-do the whole song, but the way he hits a couple notes on the words "for real" on "Creepers" matches up perfectly with the moment he sings "right here" on "Teleport 2 Me."