The best way to experience dance music is live. You can only get so much with your ears and headphones or a stereo system. You need to be in a crowd, sweaty, to truly understand the euphoria that can wash over you with hearing beats leaping from a top-notch system. The problem is, some DJs and producers just bring boring shows. No matter how dope the beats are, people want to spend money on being wowed, and no matter how you slice it, today's EDM is big on the "wow" factor.

The Chemical Brothers' released an awesome live album (Don't Think) that's up for a Grammy this year, and the documentary on the project is just amazing. Their live show is so massively epic (and trippy) that we figured we'd look at the artists we feel really bring it with their live shows, be it with interactive sculptures or just physically showing us how into their music they are. These are the performers that excite our bodies with great music as much as they excite our eyes with the visuals they provide.