Every so often, the tour rider for a certain act or band will appear online, inspiring discussion of how ridiculous, crazy, and absurd said act or band is with their requests while out on the road.

In addition to outlining security, insurance policies, and other technical items, these lists provide some insight into exactly what makes your favorite act tick while hanging out backstage. It also sheds some light on just how comfortable they need to be before rocking a huge crowd.

Many times, a rider is actually revealing of the the non-diva qualities of certain music superstars like Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, whose "zaniest" requests are just a ton of candles, lotions, and choice beverages. But highlighting those riders would be, well, boring compared to those of acts like Metallica, Madonna, and Iggy Pop.

Those three, along with 17 others, appear in our rundown of the craziest tour riders in music history. Read on for reassurance that your life is exceedingly normal.

Written by Andrew Martin (@Andrew_J_Martin)

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