Chicago's rap video visionary shares the 25 clips that inspired him to become a director.

This feature is a part of Complex's "Finally Rich" Week.

DGainz is the 24-year-old video director responsible for Chief Keef's most iconic visuals, including the videos for "I Don't Like" and "Love Sosa." His gritty, verite style has made him the go-to director for Chicago rappers like King Louie, Lil Durk, Sasha Go Hard, Chris Mille, Chinchilla Meek, and Spenzo.

Having grown up in the now-demolished Robert Taylor homes, DGainz knew the harder side of the Windy City firsthand. He initially planned to be a producer, but when he had trouble with his hearing he put down his beat making gear and picked up a video camera.

Since he already broke down his 25 essential videos (a mere fraction of his prolific output), for "Finally Rich" week, we asked him about the videos that inspired him to become a director in the first place.

Though he's a completely untrained cinematographer—at least in the traditional sense—that didn't keep him from studying the masters. So pay close attention as this self-taught video visionary speaks about the directors who shaped the way he approaches his art—from concepts to technical details. These are DGainz's favorite videos.
As told to David Drake (@somanyshrimp)

This feature is a part of Complex's "Finally Rich" Week.