2012 was unquestionably Mike WiLL Made It's year, and while it wasn't Gucci's, it would be fair to say that the rapper regained his footing after various legal and V-Nasty-related entanglements. Mike WiLL's career initially started out with Gucci-the producer was responsible for much of the work on the latter's seminal No Pad, No Pencil-so it only made sense that as his star rose, he'd shine some of the light back on his former rapping partner. "Plain Jane" wasn't the producer's most distinguished track in 2012, but it did find him using his trademark frequency filtering in a new way. (Frequency filtering involves turning down the volumes of certain frequencies, particular in the high range, which in Mike WiLL's case often gives the impression of the music suddenly diving under water.)

Typically, WiLL uses this technique in an almost decorative fashion; his beats are all about an eye for these kinds of details. On "Plain Jane," though, he used the trick more blatantly, much as dance producers have for years, creating a spare canvas for Gucci to strut: "I pull up in a 'what the...fuck I don't know was it.'"