Last week, we did a list of The 50 Greatest Debut Albums in Hip-Hop History which showcased artists who were able to come correct on their first album and drop a classic LP. In hip-hop, debut albums mean more than in any other genre. Mostly because many of the hip-hop's greatest artists—Nas, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Biggie, Eminem, etc.—knocked it out of the park with their first swing at bat.

But not every rapper who became legendary nailed it on their first try. In fact, there are a handful of incredible solo artists and groups whose first album did not catapult them directly into superstar status. Some albums showed flashes of greatness, others were dope but overlooked until subsequent releases with smash records and/or more cohesive bodies of work hit the masses. And a couple were, well, pretty wack. In most cases the potential was there, but their talents weren’t fully ripe yet. Check out our list of 10 Rap Legends Whose Debut Albums Weren't Classic (presented in alphabetical order).

Written by Daniel Isenberg (@stanipcus)

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