As you likely know, Rihanna's ongoing 777 Tour isn't just another string of live dates for the Barbadian songstress. She took along around 300 reporters, fans, and contest winners on a plane set to travel the globe—the 777 in this case refers to seven concerts in seven countries in seven days. And on the fifth day of the trek, last night, things began to get a little out of control during the trip from Berlin to London.

Complex's own Soo-Young Kim is along for the ride and sent us information regarding the 300-member crew's frustrations and, in some cases, absurd outbursts that have taken place during the "breaking point." For one, a man from Australia named Tim Dormer ripped off all of his clothes and streaked across the plane as everyone watched and some filmed.

Soo-Young reports that the place was "liquored up" as people stole beers from the venue before everyone got on the plane. And while they were in the air, folks were offered D'Usse cognac whenever they expressed their annoyance with the situation. The problem here, however, is that people just became more intoxicated and more rowdy.

Additionally, Soo-Young said that the press has had no access to Rihanna at all. "If we all knew the whole trip was watching almost identical shows and spent in transit/waiting the whole time with no Internet most of the time," Soo-Young reported, "we wouldn't have trapped ourselves for seven days."

Other members of the press have taken to their respective Twitter accounts to vent about the insanity, with said tweets being aggregated by the new (and hilarious) Rihanna Plane account. You can read a few of those below:

BEDLAM on the @rihanna plane and press corp YELLS "save our jobs" and "just one quote." And screams "B ROLL" to sabotage the doc footage.

— mary hk choi (@choitotheworld) November 19, 2012

Oops. My clothes fell off. @rihanna #777tour #sorrymum

— tim dormer (@timdormer) November 19, 2012

You guys have NO idea.

— itsthereal (@itsthereal) November 19, 2012

Mutiny? Check. Last night, we chanted in unison till IDJ came out & side-eyed us. Best chant? 'Save our jobs.' Oh someone streaked #777tour

— e. (@3rika) November 19, 2012

Below you can watch footage of the streaker—don't worry, it's censored—via FUSE.