Album: Trap Muzik
Label: Grand Hustle Records, Atlantic Records

DJ Toomp: “I was in Tip mode at that point. Matter-of-fact, that on a Thursday or a Friday, during the summer, I can’t remember the exact year.

“T.I. and the rest of P$C use to come to by my house to get haircuts by me. I use to cut everybody’s hair. I had about twelve customers a week and had no license, just the skills. One day when they all came through for a cut, it was on a Thursday or Friday during the summer. I can’t remember the exact year.

“That particular morning, around 9 o’clock, I was working on the track that became '24s.' And I was just letting the track play all day, the same track over and over. I would normally cut hair in the front room of the house and I use to have the music turned down low.

“A lot of times when you make a track and you know it’s that 'one' you’ll let it play for a while. Sometimes you’ll walk around the house, go get something to eat, come back and see how it sounds when you come back into the room, just to see if you hear something different that you need to add or take out.

“After letting the track just play all morning, around 3 o’clock, T.I. and the crew came to get their haircut. I remember Tip was sitting in the chair and the beat was playing in another room. At one point while I was cutting his hair he was like, 'Man, what’s that back there, who that for?' And I was like, 'Man, don’t ask who it’s for. If you like it, it’s for you.'

“And I would say within the first twenty minutes of me getting into the fade, like I had literally just made the line around his head, he kind of started bobbing his head and I was like, 'Dude, you gonna have to sit still.' And he was like, 'Put that [beat] on CD for me, I got something for that.'

“I guess he was digging the way I had put the strings together, it was like a little orchestra track. By the time I gave him the CD of the track, within a day’s time he had the hook for it already, and next thing you know, it was done.”