Uploaded: August 24, 2011

Mixtape: The Motion Picture

DGainz: “It’s so crazy. The day we were shooting ‘Money Dance,’ we were riding downtown and I had my laptop with me. He was trying to go get him some shirts, the gray polo shirt he had on in the video. I played my song in the car because he didn’t know I rapped and all that. He was like, ‘Damn, you beasting.’ I told him, check this out, and I played him the Shady ‘Go In.’ He was in the car wildin’ like, ‘Damn, this shit is crazy. Let me get a verse on there.’ I said cool, I’ll send you the beat and go ahead and do what you do. He was like, ‘I want you to come to the studio session with me.’

“I went to the studio session, and I ended up recording the whole studio session and he was like, ‘Can you turn the ‘Go In’ into a video?’ I was like yeah, I’ll see what I can do with it. I dropped the ‘Go In (Remix)’ and ‘Louie Montana’ video in the same day, and I had dropped the ‘Money Dance’ the week before. So I had dropped three videos in two weeks.

“A lot of people liked it because of how he flipped the female song and made it into his own, he did hella bars on it, and a lot of people wasn’t doing that.”

“When I made the beat originally--I always wanted to use the Don’t Be A Menace sample when I watched the movie. I thought it would be creative to put it in a beat, and I ain’t heard of nobody using it. So when I made the beat and I was just listening to it, I thought man, this would be the perfect beat to put that sample in. I downloaded a scene from the movie, took the audio out and formatted it into the beat. And that’s what caught people’s attention. I put my voice into it too, that’s actually my voice saying ‘Go In.’”