Even though he reveres himself as one of Hip-hop's best battle rappers, Meek Mill recently said he would step back into the battle ring but only for $100,000. Apparently for whatever the cost, fellow Philadelphia native Cassidy agreed to accept young Meek's challenge. Recently on a Philly radio show, Cass said he'd love to battle Meek Mill and says he believes he's still the best that the city has to offer. Hear the full interview below.

[via RapDose]

UPDATE. Meek took to Twitter to clarify that he never specifically said he wanted to battle Cassidy. In this sitdown with Shaheem Reid, Meek stated he would love to see Cassidy battle Murda Mook, but did not call them out individually saying that he personally wanted to battle them. He did throw shots at battle rappers in general though after clarifying his comment. See tweets below.

UPDATE #2. See below.