Label: Ruff Ryders/Interscope

A$AP Yams: “Cause fucking it was just so crazy to hear, you know what I mean? Eve was the first female rapper I could listen to and not feel completely uncomfortable and questionable about. She was really just rapping. That shit was swag. She had the—what’s that one joint where she was in the club with the spanish motherfucker getting crazy and all of that? On the four wheel, that was a crazy record. Even with Drag-On. When Drag-On was getting played on the radio, he didn’t even have a video out. Nobody knew what he looked like.

“Swizz is like—I always say this—the only way artists, any artists is going to be timeless, and really stand the test of time, is not going on and paying producers and ‘Let me get this beat right here, let me get this beat right here.’ Like, you actually go to sit down with your producer, and build your entire sound from scratch. Like DMX with Swizz, or Dre with NWA. Fucking Jay with Kanye West and Just Blaze. That’s the only way to me you can really prosper in the rap game. Is to develop your own sound from scratch with a brand new producer, instead of looking for what’s hot and shit like that. He did that for the entire Ruff Ryders camp.”