Label: Ruff Ryders, Def Jam

A$AP Yams: “That shit—as good as the jiggy era was, that shit came through and smashed all of that shit. Like, I’m out here, for real, with the hardcore street shit. I’ma come clean: when I heard that shit, I was like, 7, 8. Fucking ‘Damien’? That shit fucked my head up. I wasn’t deep to hearing shit like that, cause everything was so you know, happy sounding in my head. Everything was happy, you know? We out here having a good time and shit, and then you hear ‘Damien,’ and you’re like, ‘What the fuck is this shit?’ Like, that shit scared the shit out of middle America.

“In fact, he was performing that shit in arenas, and they even scared. Bugged out arenas on that shit. Fucking crazy.”

“We always watched that. I used to watch that shit everyday, before anything ever happened. That’s my motivation everyday. And fucking, that was really the inspiration for like what’s on with ASAP. We was on like coolest and most wittiest artists out right now. We want to put them on tour, and just fuck they head up off that.”