Label: Trill, Asylum

A$AP Yams: “That was the album that really made it good for the south to me. If you listen to that album, you got to understand at that time, there was some bulllshit coming out. I’m going to come clean. It was a lot snapping and popping and a lot of that shit, but if you listen to Boosie, he really put his whole life on music. You could feel his words, you know what I’m saying? When I first listened to the album, I was fucked up at the time. I was really going through it, you know what I’m saying? I didn’t have no place to live—none of that shit. That album I listened to it every night while drinking like a half pint of Georgi or something like that. Like real shit. We got some shit going through some real things, like that’s one of the realest songs I heard in my fucking life.

“He gave you, and  the guys like fucking Jeezy, the other side of the south that Pimp C will flirt with his country rap tunes, as opposed to you know, the other shit that I think people really didn’t get to explore like that. Cause all they heard or see was what was on the radio. All that weird shit. It really gave you that other side that I think people needed to see at that time to really just appreciate southern rap in general.”