2 Chainz' solo debut, Based On A T.R.U. Story, arrived at the height of the rapper's career resurgence that's taken place over the past two years or so. And you know what that meant: ridiculously high anticipation following a series of successful and critically acclaimed mixtapes and standout guest appearances. That alone meant that folks were going to be harsh on BOATS despite it being exactly what you'd want from a Chainz album.

There is booming, excellent production from the likes of Mike Will Made It, Southside, Bangladesh, and Sonny Digital, songs about strippers, wanting a big booty on your birthday, being rich, and some choice guest features. Oh, and it has one of the year's best singles, "No Lie." Yeah, these are the things we all happen to overlook in this insatiable time we live in. If an album's not a classic, we too often dismiss it and label it a disappointment.

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