Okay, sure, your favorite niche has a dope rapper. Action Bronson is a funny, fat white chef. Heems is a pointed, politically-minded humorist for the liberal arts school set. Joey Bada$$ is releasing some solid retro-raps. But when's the last time a New York act locked down the streets, the radio, and the press, enough to get national attention? Where's the next New York movement?

Post-Dipset, Max B was working towards that goal, and he was already a proven factor on radio and the charts, allegedly ghostwriting Jim Jones' "We Fly High." But incarceration shut his career short.

Label limbo hamstrung Saigon and Uncle Murda. Red Cafe and Fred the Godson have had some minor regional successes. Papoose seems to be forgotten. Dipset affiliate Vado sparked, then sputtered. Harlemite A-Mafia's been releasing some quality material, but has been unable to garner much interest.

A movement is more than a handful of local acts, and lately, hip-hop's birthplace has been more of a museum than a thriving cultural center. A$AP Rocky is a new, legitimate star, but one MC can't bring the city back.

The biggest New York rapper right now is Nicki Minaj, and how often do you see her repping her borough?