Ty Dolla $ign: “I’m from L.A. South Central area. I grew up [my] first couple years in the jungles, and then I moved to the Valley. After the Valley, I came back to L.A., lived in Baldwin Hills for a while, Beverly Hills for a while. I moved to New York, I stayed in Utah for a while. I’ve been everywhere man. I’m from L.A. though.

“As a kid, my pops did music too. He was in a group called Lakeside back in the day. He would just have me around all his friends. They’d be doing hella music, smoking hella weed and shit. That’s when I was growing up, too. Meeting cats like Earth, Wind & Fire, The Isley’s. One of my uncles played in The Isley’s. I went to all their shows. My dad also used to work for this cat called Jon B. Before he got signed to Babyface, he used to always just be at my house recording his shit. I used to see all these cats doing music shit. Of course, that’s probably what got me into it.

“[I started making music] probably since I was like three. They got pictures of me on the Casio keyboard just making up shit and my dad recorded where I was like making a song when I was like four. Like actually coming up with lyrics and playing some shit with the Casio drums. I’ve just loved music ever since I can remember.”