Even at 19, Dominic Lord knows what he wants and when he wants it. His manager, Steven Victor, says he's had issues with engineers not understanding or translating his thoughts, which is understandable. It's hard to follow his thought process, at times. He has gotten some studio work done, though. Dominic just dropped his Fashion Show EP last month after gaining attention for his "Pierce" video, which inspired a remix with Pusha T and Grimes.

Dominic was formerly A$AP Dom, but since starting his music career less than a year ago, he's no longer associated with A$AP Mob. He got his start by designing clothes, because for him, fashion comes before music and he's "not just wearing that shit," he's "making it." Dominic brings his love for fashion into his music, videos, and his songwriting process, which he says is quick.

His debut has producers like Hudson Mohawke, Chad Hugo and Madd Matt. There are a number of self-produced tracks, including a Mozart-sampling track, "Mozart, Go," and an uptempo synth-pop anthem, "Message Failure," which he wants featured in an iPhone commercial in the near future.

In order to find out just who is Dominic Lord, we had him come through the Complex offices where we he sat down to speak on growing up in Harlem, listening to Styles P with his brother, his fashion obsession, the deal with A$AP Mob, and his thoughts on the production behind Fashion Show.

As told to Lauren Nostro (@LAURENcynthia)

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