Sample: The Beatles "When I'm Sixty Four" (1967) The Beatles “The End” (1969) et. al
Album: Paul’s Boutique
Producer: The Dust Brothers
Label: Capitol Records

Made during the halcyon days after innovators like the Bomb Squad and Paul C. broke the possibilities for sampling wide open—and before legal limits brought through lawsuits closed them back up in many senses—the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique is one of the most sample-dense rap LPs around. Producers E.Z. Mike and King Gizmo of the Dust Brothers (with some help from the Beastie Boys, Mario Caldato and one-time Dust Brother Matt Dike of Delicious Vinyl fame) raided the catalogs of everyone from the Band, the Eagles and the Ramones (on “High Plains Drifter”) to the Commodores (whose “Machine Gun” anchored “Hey Ladies”). But they saved some of their most creative beat work for the Beatles-inspired “The Sounds of Science,” juggling a batch of tracks from the Fab Four’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album before abruptly speeding up the tempo and climaxing with Abbey Road’s “The End.”