RDIO's mantra is simple: music everywhere. This groundbreaking digital service, from the founders of Skype, gives users immediate access to a catalog of over 18 million songs. (Hey, if you've got a million or so hours to kill, perhaps you can try to plow through all of them.) Available across a wide platform of mobile devices and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone) in over a dozen countries around the globe, RDIO is the go-to music source for whatever you feel like listening to, wherever you may be.

But the benefits of RDIO don't end with its wide selection of tunes, which range from huge hits to cult classics to little-known gems. RDIO also lets you follow other users, from friends to critics to the artists themselves, giving you the chance to connect over music in a way you've never been able to before. From exploring your network's favorite albums to perusing their personal playlists, RDIO gives users an unparalleled opportunity for social music discovery--all without ever enduring a single ad.

With new music added every week, and the ability to access your music, uninterrupted, from anywhere--at home, at work, in the car, on the go--RDIO has revolutionized how we experience music, even when you're offline. Gone are the days of having an algorithm dictate your musical tastes. RDIO makes it dead-simple to discover just how much music you've been missing. It’s music discovery for the people, by the people.

Oh, and just in case: it’s pronounced “AR-dee-o.”

Now you know.

To access RDIO's Complex CMJ 2012 playlist, and to learn more on how to get RDIO free, click here