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Yes, President Obama has more hip-hop endorsements than any presidential candidate like, ever, but still—that whole "Obama listens to rap" joke? It's dead.

Because our President talks about listening to Nas and Jay-Z around his daughters, you can bet there will be a million quips about which rap lines he should use in response to Mitt Romney's attacks during tonight's debate. And sure, it'd be funny if Obama's campaign song was something like Rick Ross' "Hold Me Back," but let's be honest: He could damn near pull that off. It'd be so much funnier if Mitt Romney decided to embrace hip-hop, because it's entirely unrealistic. Even though Romney probably isn't even sure of who Nicki Minaj is, just imagine him rapping her Republican-slanted line, "You lazy bitches is fucking up the economy." Hilarious, right?
In a perfect world, where tonight's debate is a free-for-all of boisterous statements (and not focused on foreign policy), Romney would be like, "These hoes won't hold me back" and Obama would be like, "Mitt Romney don't pay no tax." Obsessed with the idea, we let our imaginations run wild and compiled a list of 21 Rap Lyrics Mitt Romney Can Use in Tonight's Debate.
Written by Lauren Nostro (@LAURENcynthia)