Album: Focused Daily
Label: Warner Bros., Tommy Boy

The Alchemist: “We’re digging in the crates now. I remember a time where me and him would go to Cut Master Kurt’s studio and this dick ‘esse’ tried to sneak up on us and we held our ground. So shouts to Defari for holding me down when an ‘esse’ tried to thug me out for my parking spot.

“Straight up, that’s an unknown fact. We bossed up. I’d like to make it more exciting like I mashed the guy out but that didn’t happen. But if you want to say that I did to make the story iller, that’s cool. I’ll check with Defari so he can confirm. I don’t wanna look crazy out there.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to get off track. That was a beat that I actually did first as a remix to a Mobb Deep song. I forget why we did it but I did some remix with that beat. It wasn’t an official remix and I ended up getting with Defari and knocking that joint out.”