Album: Till Death Do Us Part
Label: Columbia

The Alchemist: “One of the first things I ever did was a Cypress Hill remix with Fat Joe called ‘Tequila Sunrise.’ That was an early thing I did where Muggs was giving me an opportunity. I did ‘Tequila Sunrise’ when I was in L.A. Fat Joe had the tour bus and I got to do that.

“[On not producing a lot for Cypress Hill despite their close relationship] I wasn’t ready [to produce for Cypress Hill at first]. I never thought about it, but I mean Cypress are like my big brothers, my idols, the people that put me on. I always felt like they were gonna show respect and make our whole crew look iller if I build up something that wasn’t dependent on them. I had to branch out and do what I do.

“‘Latin Thug,’ that was Muggs’ call. I think he heard the beat and was like, ‘This shit would be dope.’ And it came out fresh. I didn’t even make the beat with them in mind, I was just in New York making beats and he heard that. It’s funny cause its not even a Spanish record. It wasn’t anything Latin but it just kinda had that feeling. But ‘Latin Thug’ was so original, one of the greatest songs of all time.”