Album: The True Meaning
Label: Legal Hustle

The Alchemist: “I was just talking to Large Pro about that one. He said he always felt like that was a good one. I get hype when people like Large say anything good related to my music so I definitely took that to heart. I appreciate that.

“I remember it was a two track. It’s funny because Large even reminded me he was like, ‘Yeah I remember Mega told me back then that you were mad.’ I said, ‘What you mean?’ I think I was on my own, trying to hook beats up myself stage, like I wanna produce it. I think it was a two track or just off of a beat CD where he recorded the vocals.

“In retrospect, when I hear it, it’s one of my favorite joints that I did with him. But at the time I think I wanted to hook it up so I was like, ‘Damn why did you just put it out?’ I was wrong because the song is like, just the people he's talking about in Queensbridge. Working with Mega was a good opportunity, I was happy to be doing it.”