Album: Return of Saturn
Label: Interscope
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Tony: “That was the first song that Gwen wrote by herself. Everything-all the music, all the lyrics. She brought it to us and it’s incredible. It’s an incredible song. I think it’s one of the definitive No Doubt songs, especially lyrically. It’s a true Gwen song, and it encapsulates everything she was living and going through at the time. Those are the songs I think people really relate to, because she’s so honest and so sincere in her lyrics. That’s another great, definitive Gwen lyric, wanting that ‘simple kind of life.’”

"It was genius, because at that point in her life she was like, ‘Tom, you've got to teach me some chords, I want to learn to play guitar.’ She learned like four chords, and she sat in a room one day, I think at Glen Ballard’s house, because we were working with Glen, and she wrote it. It was just so simple and such a great song. I remember when the album came out, we had like a local Orange County newspaper and the music critic was notoriously tough on us. He never really liked our band, he never got it. And finally, when that album came out, on the review, he liked it. He said it was the ‘song of a lifetime’ that Gwen had written. It was great to finally win that guy over. [Laughs] But I was so proud of Gwen that she wrote it all on her own”