Machine Gun Kelly may be seeing his buzz starting to cool a little but his debut album Lace Up may get the Cleveland rapper back on track. Part of the reason MGK may feel he's an outcast is because of both his skin color and his style.

In a recent interview, Machine Gun Kelly said "I honestly feel like right now, my biggest hindrance in why you don't hear things like, 'MGK is lyrically hot'… the white thing, mixed with the fact that I don't dress like the normal Hip Hop person."

He would go on to explain how he believes he's matured in a short time.

"I definitely have matured a lot, especially with the album coming out, it kind of gave me hope in life," he said. "I think I shunned a lot of people, but I also think that I kept what I had exclusive, meaning that I didn't ho myself out. I'm proud of how I've done my career, but I'm definitely going to change up a little bit."

Watch the full video interview above.

[via HipHopDX]