"I’m rich bitch, Trukfit in Macy’s!/And you pussy niggas hatin’ like a racist" ("Same Damn Tune)


"Trukfit my bitch up, Tunechi Li big nuts" ("Cashed Out")


"Now suck dick, Trukfit, snapback on your dog ass/These niggas broke like Mr. Glass, they don't want none, Sister Act" ("Mercy")


"Wayne soarin', all my whores is whorin'/All you rappers is borin', Trukfit hat and some Jordans" ("Mercy")


"I’m stuntin’, getting new money/Trukfit money, Mountain Dew money, tell 'em" ("Burn")


"Little bitch, niggas gonna talk, they ain’t talk bout shit/Niggas gonna bark I go Mike Vick/Fuckin’ fuck niggas on that fuck shit/Suck a nigga dick for some Trukfit" ("Burn")


"Different color Trukfit shirts/You niggas put on your skirts/If I die off these perks/Put a bad bitch in my Hurst" ("Get Smoked")


"Trukfit T-shirt, blunt dipped in syrup/Pass that weed around like some fuckin’ hor d'oeuvres" ("No Lie")


"Ayo, Weezy, pop that Trukfit" ("Wish You Would," DJ Drama)


"But if I crack one of these niggas like a glowstick he shine/But it’s Trukfit skate or die" ("Wish You Would")