You may think the same of your city, but no, it’s different in the A. There are probably more rappers per square mile in Atlanta than any other city in the United States. So many that the line is getting blurred between who’s “underground,” “up and coming” or just sticking around.

That’s also the same reason why Atlanta continues to find a way to stay at the top of rap's food chain, one way or another. With so many people rhyming, the odds that something "hot" will come out of Atlanta work in the city’s favor.

The fact that everybody in Atlanta raps also plays a part in city's diverse palette of MCs. Contrary to popular belief, not every Atlanta rapper is either in the Dungeon Family or in the trap.

Anybody that knows the Atlanta hip-hop scene knows that making a list of just 10 rappers to look for is damn near impossible. You have artists known mainly in industry circles (Big Zak), "underground rap" circles (TheCoolIsMac, ForteBowie), and the teen scene (KAP) that deserve mention and prove that you can’t go outside to check your mail without bumping into somebody who has a mixtape.

That said, this selective list is meant to show that what rap music Atlanta currently has to offer, on all fronts. Hopefully, listening to these artists will lead you check out an associate or two or four, then you'll really get an idea for how deep the talent runs in this city.

Written by Maurice Garland (@Maurice_Garland)