Dom Kennedy has taken his buzz to the next level with his latest project the Yellow Album, and in a recent interview on Q104.7's Rico and Mambo Morning Show, Dom reveals that he's been approached by a bunch of labels about record deals, including Maybach Music Group and Interscope Records. Still, Dom hasn't heard an offer yet that meets what he's looking for financially. Dom says, "It's all true [that I've been courted by MMG and Interscope] - at this point, any company that you can think of has hit us up or has an offer on the table. Obviously, it's not the right one."

He continues, "We definitely talking numbers. That's the whole conversation. [I'm thinking] $2 million. And they don't even got that, but you can ask for it, all they can say is no. [But] if you call with $2 million, we could probably shake hands." Watch the interview above.

[via HipHopDX]